Centralized and Customizable Quick Reply and Quick Compose System for iOS

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1. The main tweak and SMS/iMessage extension are completely free and open-source. (Some other extensions may be sold separatedly.)
2. Easily extendable. All notifications related stuff and user interactions, such as tapping a banner or searching a contact, have been handled. Extensions only have to be responsible for providing data, sending messages and marking messages as read.
3. Themeable.
4. Extensions have separated preference panels organized together. Besides the built-in killswitch and passcode settings, extensions can also append simple custom settings using PreferenceLoader plist.
5. Using Activator and Flipswitch to launch message composer.

Configure options from Settings.


- iOS 7.x compatibility
- Flipswitch support
- Option to disable extensions on lock screen only
- Option to change message text size
- Localizations for several languages
- Various bugs fixed
Messages Extension
- Reply to group messages
- Contact photos
- Huge improvement on contacts search
- Various bugs fixed
Updated April 11, 2015
License Free Package
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