Compatibility: All Devices
iOS 6 - 10

CSources2 is a Cydia Sources Manager that allows full control over your sources.

• Add as many sources as you want.
• Disable/Enable or delete them.
• Add notes.
• Check if Source is active.
• Package details.
• Import cydia.list, ????.list file , Web Link.
• Backup Sources via iTune , iCloud , Manually.
• Sync between Devices.
• Auto List feature & More
Full Docs : CSources2 Blog

Please note:
Limited support for iOS 7 and below.
Some user’s reported crash when stashing is installed. Review the CSources2 Blog link above for Possible Crash Fix(s).
Don't Forget To Backup!!!

Reporting Bugs:
Please review all notes and documentation before contacting the developer. Contact Dev via: In-App.

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Chinese Localizations.
Auto Lists update.
Enhancements / Improvements.

Main List can be sorted (beta).
Support for repositories in which the Origin &/or Label begins with @ symbol.
Delete repo bug.
Enhancements / Improvements.

iOS 10.2.1 Ready.
iPhone 7, 7+ Support.
Add A Source - improvements.
Auto Lists - Increased max list to 30.
Deleting a repo bug fix.
Package count added to default view.
Set as : New/Favorite/Dead - bug fix.
Additional info added to Info View. (beta)
Follow last repository (settings).
Search= Quick Keyboard.
Refresh All - bug fixes.
Refresh All - speed improvements.
Malformed Line Corrections.
Duplicate Sources in Cydia via CSources2 source toggled on, now reports that the source is a duplicate and will not update Cydia with that source.
Import Friend - Ability to choose sources to import.
Info View - bug fix. Not able to open.
Address install error...
and a few more....
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Updated February 18, 2017
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