Compatible with iOS 11

CustomAlertX is an IphoneX lock screen tweak that adds a new artistic and modern flair to notification receiving when the device is locked.

Configure options from Settings.

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·Fixed a periodic crash caused by the app specific color scan

· Added support for non-IphoneX devices. (won't drain too much battery as it was optimized for non-OLED screens)
· Added application specific colored notifications i.e. Reddit = orange, Twitter = blue. (this feature does a color scan on the icon itself so any themed icons will be scanned for their colors, so monochrome themes won't work too well)
· Made Always-On mode more dependable. (hopefully clearing up a few conflicts with other lockscreen tweaks)
· Fixed a memory leak that would be caused if Dots was enabled with Always-On.
· Updated Dots animation to be more fluid.
Updated August 16, 2018
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