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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

DathBanners 2 brings you a stunning new look to your everyday banners, lockscreen notification, and the notification center.

This tweak takes your notification's icon and calculates an average color in the most efficient way possible to give you that seamless experience all the way through.

Features included:
- Banners Saturation and Alpha level
- Lockscreen Banners Saturation and Alpha level
- Toggle Lockscreen Underlying Blur
- Notification Centers Saturation and Alpha level
- Notification Centers all new Gradient Effect
- Automatic Text Color (black or white)
- Messages Quick Reply with Customized Keyboard
- It also works with Winterboard Themes
- App Specific Color
- Toggle Saturation
- Amazing Unicorn Effect!
- Way More Stuff included!

DathBanners 2 came from the very soul of the original DathBanners, but in the process of making DathBanners 2, the aim of the tweak changed to finding the most efficient way to get the end result of colourizing your banners, notification center, and lockscreen banners. Updating the original version wouldn't really show how far apart these tweaks are. The older version allowed the user to choose if they wanted DathBanners to effect the "Today" section in the notification center which is not available in the newer version. In result of creating a very efficient tweak with great functionality allows us to mess with the average colour like changing its saturation and alpha channel as well as somewhat fixing the caching problem found in the notification center.

Configure options from Settings.

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This item is now Free.
Updated August 1, 2016
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