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Requires iOS 7.x
Also available, DathUI (iOS 8)

Ever wanted to customize your device without any limits? Now you can with DathUI.

DathUI is a revolutionary step for your devices UI. This tweak will let you customize your UI like never before. Choose from various options for the LockScreen, Badges, StatusBar, Control Centre, and just everything you can imagine.

Never seen before in tweaks is an option to choose the type of blurs you wish to have, for instance Pure Blur which is a colourless blur, Adaptive Blur which is basically the same thing as Pure Blue but you can add a tint to this blur, and there are certainly more blurs to personalize your device.

You can also choose to make a control centre purely inspired by the one in iOS 8, it's sad how we can't update to iOS 8 but why get left behind on the trend right?

Configure options from Settings.

Special sale price of $2.50 for 3 days only.

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This item is now Free.
Updated August 1, 2016
License Free Package
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