Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9 for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

DefaultPlayer Pro enables you to choose your default music player on the iOS platform. DefaultPlayer Pro will intercept and replace player launching behaviour under all of the below conditions:

- When beginning playback from the Play button in the Control Center;

- When beginning playback from remote control and MFi accessories (e.g. bluetooth devices, wired or wireless docks, car stereos). This includes overriding third-party behaviour exhibited by some devices that may otherwise force automatic playback from the Music app, amongst other things;

- When beginning playback from several third-party Cydia extensions, including but not limited to: Activator, Acapella, Acapella 2, Auxo and MiniPlayer.

In addition to the above, DefaultPlayer Pro provides several additional customizations and features:

- An option to launch your designated default player in the background - this is more ideal for applications whose developers have integrated support for auto-play or 'resume-on-launch' (such as Pandora and TuneIn Radio, and several Podcasts apps).

- An option which enables resume-on-launch capability specifically for the Spotify and Podcasts apps - this can, optionally, be integrated with the background launching feature above.

- An option which vibrates your device if DefaultPlayer Pro is about to handle a player launch event - this is particularly useful when launching playback from remote control devices such as stereos.

- An option which launches your configured default player when wired headphones are plugged into the device. If a player is already launched but paused, connecting headphones will resume playback from the existing player.

- An option to choose your default iTunes Library player - that is, if you're using a third party app that plays from the local iTunes library (such as Ecoute), then tapping on the playing titles in the CC will normally restore the Music app - and not your third-party app. Similarly, terminating the app in the app switcher will not kill music playback. This option modifies this behaviour.

- Complete player compatibility for Garmin fitness/sport devices (e.g. the Fenix 3). That is to say that normally all music playback commands issued from Garmin devices will only work with Apple's Music app. With DefaultPlayer Pro, these commands will work with any application (and can also be used to launch your configured default player). This functionality is integrated by default and there are no options to configure for it.

The basic Settings panel is illustrated in the screenshots below. A Help toggle is provided which may be used to provide more detailed information about each option.


V2.4 Changelog

- Support for iOS 9.3.3
Updated July 25, 2016
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