If you experience crashing on iPad, please disable the setting "Modify Delete Button". An update to fix this is coming soon.

Delete whole word instead of just one letter by holding or tapping Shift then Delete on the keyboard. You can still delete normally by just tapping the delete button.

Added Features:
- Holding the delete button now keeps intervally deleting words
- The delete button is modified when the delete word function is currently in use (by pressing shift).
- Did not properly delete whitespace in the past. Fixed!
- Added the ability to disable the tweak.
- Added a settings page to:
1- Enable/disable tweak
2- Enable/disable delete button modification (since it may not look good on a custom keyboard)
3- change from multitouch to sequential touch, which means you don't need two hands/fingers anymore

- May not work as expected for iOS versions less than 3.2
- For users using Voice Over, sequential tap will work better for you

If you find this tweak useful check out "Delete World"! (paid)

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iOS5 Compatible
Updated September 6, 2012
License Free Package
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