Discreet is an Activator Listener. When activated it will determine whether one has pending notifications or not and vibrate to notify. Discreet is perfect if you need to check if someone texted you and you need to know without pulling your phone out (such as with friends or in a meeting).

Choose between lockscreen notifications or all notifications in general. Configure in settings.

Features to come:
-Only vibrate for specific applications
-Screen not light up upon activation

Best to apply to lockscreen only and to a physical button (so its press-able in one's pocket!)

Big thanks to Max Katzmann for help some insights on this tweak.

Source code available on Github

Configure Activator from Settings.


-Added feature to whitelist certain apps, with this, it will only vibrate for selected apps.

- Added option to only vibrate for lock screen notifications (configure in settings)

Updated March 9, 2014
License Free Package
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