Also available, DockWare for iOS 8

DockWare gives iOS 7's dock more power. No longer constrain the dock to just the home screen, use it across any app you have. Also, hide the dock from the home screen and access it only when you need it. This tweak is integrated with activator for any easy and efficient way of picking a gesture to show your dock. Options are given to increase user experience. Pick from 3 different behaviors the home screen takes when activating the dock. Choose which apps you want the dock to work with. Give the dock an auto-hide timer. And finally, Enable/Disable the hiding and viewing of the dock in applications or the home screen.

Configure options from Settings.

Check out this youtube video for a demonstration:

See larger Screenshots below..

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Added behavior settings to apps
Now when in an application touch the app to make the dock disappear
Various improvements to the settings page
added animations to the dock coming in and out of view
Dock now rotates to proper orientation when in apps
Updated March 22, 2015
License Commercial Package
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