At this time, this product is not compatible with any tweaks made by Limneos. Consider uninstallting tweaks if you have problems.

Compatible with iOS 9 - 10

Also see Don't Stop The Party Lite version (free): Allows the usage of only the Apple Music app during resprings.

This tweak allows you to continue to listen to your music during resprings. This means that when you respring your device you can continue jamming out to the music as your music will not be interrupted.

Known issue is using some streaming services you might witness a small pausing during resprings. This issue includes backgrounded Youtube videos and Beats One radio.

This tweak does NOT fix issues of apps interrupting your music, this does NOT allow you to use CCRecorder during resprings, this does NOT allow you to take video and listen to music at the same time.

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- Moved Notify_Post to where it should be... This was fine in the lite version.
Updated April 14, 2017
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.00
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