App language: Chinese

适用于 iPad、iPod touch及iPhone,iOS3.0以上



For iPad / iPod touch and iPhone, iOS3.0 above

Doratown is a chinese doraemon discuss forum

App funtion: Post topic and reply topic, Location and find a friend on forum near you


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1. 修复顶部导航栏跑位的问题
2. 添加少部分广告,由于我们非盈利及不想让大家支付费用,但我们仍须支付此及未来应用开发费用及网站服务器费用,烦请各位谅解

1. Fix the navigation bar
2. Ads on main and login page, because we are non-profit site and we don't want to make everyone pay to use this app but we need to pay for this and future app develops and server fees
Updated August 16, 2012
License Free Package
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