Compatible with iOS 7, 8, 9,10 and 11

Compatible with Electra 11.1.2 and 11.3.1, make sure to install the latest update of Substitute. 11.3.1 may require a few reboots to work properly.

Powerful audio platform. Successor to EqualizerEverywhere.

So far, it's basically two things:

- Systemwide parametric equalizer
- Last.FM alternative

This equalizer is AMAZING. It's parametric but it also has a graphic mode. It has a ton of filters:

-peaking EQ

Frequency, gain, and Q-factor are completely configurable. If you have no idea wtf that means, then there is also a "noob mode" which is basically exactly like what EqualizerEverywhere was.

It is also deeply integrated with Activator and Lua scripting, so you can do pretty much whatever you want. It even has a Lua console, which is like cycript but for controlling the audio.

The "Last.FM alternative" part basically just records what you listen to. And optionally scrobble it online. Pretty nifty. You can always turn it off if you want.

If you want more info, check out the forums at

PS: ALSO I should note that you can have this installed alongside the old EqualizerEverywhere. But there's really no point.

I wonder if anyone actually reads these descriptions to the end.

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Fix crashes in apps like YouTube, Deezer, etc
Fix regression in Terminal/SSH interface ("eqe" command) which would make it exit if you had any non-gain filters (lowpass, highpass, notch, bandpass)
Add ability to set the frequency from simple/graphic mode for non-gain filters (lowpass, highpass, notch, bandpass)

- Add g0blin support (iOS 10.3)
- Add Electra support (iOS 11)
- Make UI a bit prettier (in parametric mode and in the "?" menu)
- Add warning alert if you cannot connect to mediaserverd
- Fix conflicts with UnlimApps shared tools
- Fix SQLite race condition
Updated July 22, 2018
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