iOS 8.0 Update Warning

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I present to you the next breakthrough in the jailbreaking world: an equalizer that applies to every app. Yes. Every app. Every single one.

Spotify, iFile, Music, Panamp, Fratmusic, Soundcloud, YouTube, Rdio, 8tracks, and Pandora are a small fraction of apps that this is compatible with. This works with every single music app available on the App Store and on Cydia. This tweak does not discriminate. It's literally everywhere, hence the name. Even phone calls are equalized.

Aesthetically appealing UI
10 bands
Auto-adjusting preamp
Control Center access (swipe left on music controls)
Auxo 2 access
Settings access

Compatible with:
iOS 7.0.x and 7.1.x
Auxo 2 (see last screenshot)
Auxo 2

Common concerns:
It does not drain battery or eat up CPU or RAM.
I will do everything in my power to get this working on iOS 8 once it is out.
Through limited testing, I have not been able to blow my speakers out with this, even by turning everything all the way up. Though I will still put a disclaimer.

I am not responsible if you damage your speakers by using this tweak.

Use the equalizer either through settings or in the control center.

See larger Screenshots below..


Auto-adjust preamp (toggle in settings)
Removed anti-piracy popup
Fixed possibility of audio randomly stopping for some people
Terms and Conditions