Compatible with iOS 11 to 14

fleetingSwitcher11 Gives the Opportunity to Get Useful and Visual options for the iOS 11 App Switcher!

More to Come in the Next Updates!

Configure options from Settings.

See Screenshots below.

Feel free to contact me via Mail or via Twitter @CydiaGeek, enjoy it, thanks! :)

Donations would be greatly appreciated!

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Version 1.2.1
- Added the Compatibility and Updated till iOS 14 and arm64e Devices.
- Changed the Swipe Gesture from Up to Down for Killing All Apps in order to Grant the Proper and Full Compatibility (Toggle On the Relative option for your iOS Version).
- Code Refactoring and Enhancements.
- Fixed the Respring Button in Preferences on Newer iOS Versions.
- General Cleanup/Improvements and Labels Updates.
Updated December 20, 2021
License Free Package
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