Compatible with iOS 7 and 8
Also available: Flip Clock (iOS 5 & 6)

A beautiful animated flip clock for your lockscreen and Notification Center. The clock displays the current time (in 24 or 12-hour format) with running seconds, as well as the day and date.

The following can be customized in Settings/Flip Clock 7:
- Clock size
- Clock type (with or without date)
- Should the background be blurred on the lockscreen
- Seconds color (red/white)
- Bounce effect (on/off)
- Glass reflection effect (none/subtle/strong)
- Sundays color (red/white)
- Weekday and month language
- Leading zero for single-digit hours (on/off)

You can add the clock to the lockscreen in Settings/Cydget, and to the Notification Center in Settings/Notifications.

Compatible with all iOS 7 devices. Weekday and month will be displayed in your device's language.

Note: if you have purchased the previous iOS 5 & 6 version, "Flip Clock for Notification Center", you should be able to download this one for free, and vice-versa.

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- iOS 8 compatibility
Updated December 27, 2014
License Commercial Package
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