Compatible with iOS 11 and 12

FloatyDock bring the iPad dock to all devices !
This also mean that you'll be able to use the Slide Over feature on iPhone (Slide Over is not supported on iPhone X sorry !).

Special feature compared to the stock iPad dock : it allow you to specify the max number of regular icons you want in it, but also the suggested ones and soon the recent ones !

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- Added a setting to not show the dock when the keyboard is active
- Added dock tint color option
- Re enabled Slide Over on 5S/SE
- Added a setting for custom icons vertical padding
- Fixed gesture location with HomeGesture (devices older than X will present the dock with a gesture from the bottom and the CC with a gesture from the top right while iPhone X will invoke the dock with a gesture from the bottom left or right, the middle staying untouched)
- Added theoretical support for XR/XS/XS max (still not compatible with Slide Over / Split View)
- Fix Iconator11 conflicts
- Compiled with the iOS 12 SDK for arm64e compatibility (A12(x) devices)
Updated March 31, 2019
License Free Package
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