Compatible with iOS 11+

FloatyDock bring the iPad dock to all devices !
This also mean that you'll be able to use the Slide Over feature on iPhone (Slide Over is not supported on iPhone X sorry !).

Special feature compared to the stock iPad dock : it allow you to specify the max number of regular icons you want in it, but also the suggested ones and soon the recent ones !

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In v1.2 :

- Gestures does not conflict anymore on iPhone X : the gesture to make the dock appear on this device is to swipe from the bottom left side of the screen to the top. The rest of the bottom is for original X gestures
- Split View has been added ! If the option is activated into the settings, you’ll be able to split your screen in two parts to run two apps at the same time (same gesture as for Slide Over but you have to go more to the far border of the screen)
- You can force rotation in all apps so that Split View does look good, even on smallest devices !’’
- You can now deactivate the gesture to make the dock appearing in apps from the settings
- An home button press dismiss the dock if presented in apps, instead of going back to the home screen
Updated May 8, 2018
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