Compatible with iOS 8.0 - 10.2

Have you ever wondered how much disk space is being used by all of the apps and subfolders within a folder? Now you can swipe up on any folder to find out!

You can choose to show static, dynamic, or total disk usage. By default, usage is shown for all contained apps and subfolders, each sorted by size in descending order, allowing you to get a quick look at what's eating your disk space. The display of app/subfolder usage can be individually disabled, or sorted by other criteria. Disabling both will simply show the folder usage.

You can optionally view your entire device usage by swiping up on your home screen, and can choose to view that usage as-is, or group it by Home Screen and Dock. Note that it may take several seconds to calculate and display device usage.

To squeeze more information into the window, you can customize the display by choosing from a selection of font and indent sizes. Enable the Copy button if you would like to be able to copy the results to the pasteboard.

A Flipswitch toggle is provided for quickly enabling or disabling the tweak.

Configure options from Settings.


* Fixed crash that could occur during startup
* Added option to choose app display name
* Opening control center should no longer trigger device usage

* Added option to swipe up on home screen for entire device usage
* Added option to show app/subfolder counts
* Added Copy button to copy output to pasteboard
* Added configurable display settings
* Flipswitch support
Updated April 20, 2017
License Free Package
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