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Gesture Music Controls is a gesture controlled music control replacement for iOS 7's default music controls. Changes the controls found on the Lock Screen, Control Centre, and in the default Music App.


-skip song left or right
-skip 15 seconds left or right
-toggle repeat and shuffle modes
-share song and album art to social media
-open now playing app
-open rating control

-swipe (left, right, up, down)
-hold (left, centre, right)

-supports iTunes Radio
-supports all devices running iOS 7.0.x
-custom sharing hashtag
-multiple animation types
-extremely customizable (see tutorial video)

Configure options from Settings.

Tutorial Video

See larger Screenshots below..

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fix small lag when opening song in music app

Fix volume placement on older devices
Preference pane improvements

Fix springboard crash on certain devices

fixed spelling mistake in preference bundle

fix bug showing progress and volume controls when then they should be hidden while Intelliscreen is installed (Lock Screen)

fix bug sharing album artwork from Music App with CustomCover installed

Updated December 6, 2014
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