GhostPrefs gives you the ability to enable and disable stock and added features of Snapchat to your liking without the need for multiple tweaks. All toggles and options are tested on Snapchat 7.0.5.

Current Toggles and Options:

• Don’t send replay alerts
• Don’t send screenshot alerts
• Don’t send type alerts

• Add from camera roll (send pictures/videos from camera roll)
• View Snaps for unlimited time (snaps wont expire unless image is tapped)
• Break daily replay limit (removes 1 daily replay limit)
• Save all text messages (any text message sent or received will automatically save)
• No character limit (no limit on message text overlays)
• Manual story advance (story wont show as view or advance until screen tap)
• SmarterFilters (removes location service requirement)
• Always show subduable
• Never Logout
• Show Open Button
• Show Save Button

• Hide Snap timer (never show timer overlay on images)
• Hide new message count (removes the new message count on camera)

• Disable LED flash (stops LED flash from ever going off)
• Disable in app Settings (removes access from in app settings)
• Disable recent contacts (wont show recent contacts while selecting recipients)
• Disable shutter sound (no sound while taking a picture)
• No received video sound (received videos will never play sound)
• Disable online for live chat (never show up as available for live chat)

• Override both Temperature and Speed filters

All toggles begin off after install, turn on each toggle as you see fit.

Compatible with Other SnapChat tweaks. Just disable overlapping features.

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-iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatability
Updated December 17, 2014
License Free Package
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