Requires iOS7 - compatible with all iOS devices.
Also available, GIFPaper8 (iOS 8)

Make your wallpaper come to life with GIFPaper! GIFPaper allows you to set animated GIF images as your devices wallpaper. Set them on your home screen, lock screen, or both. Set any GIF wallpaper by holding down on the GIF in Safari, and then selecting “Set Wallpaper” from the menu that appears. You can also set a GIF wallpaper from your saved photos library or by typing in its URL on the GIFPaper settings page. GIFPaper is perfect for anyone who wants an exciting, animated wallpaper!

- Set GIF from Safari
- Set GIF from URL
- Set GIF from local file
- Set GIF from saved photos
- Set different GIFs on lockscreen and homescreen
- Change GIF speed
- Change GIF alpha (transparency)
- Change GIF blur
- Change GIF scaling mode
- Change GIF location (lock screen, home screen, both)
- Easily enable/disable GIFPaper
- Low battery consumption
- More features coming soon!

Configure Options From Settings.

Note: GIFPaper does not play nice with the following tweaks:

Configure options from Settings.

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- Set different GIF on lockscreen and homescreen
- Much better battery performance
- Change GIF speed option
- Change GIF alpha option
- Change GIF blur option
- Set GIF from local file by using its path
- Added loading bar to HUD when doing lengthy operations
- Restore defaults button
- Minor UI changes
Updated January 14, 2015
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