Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Goodges radically changes the way notifications are displayed on the homescreen.

It replaces the badges by changing the icon labels. For instance, if there is a notification pending on the Facebook app, the label of the application is changed to '1 notification'.
But Goodges is intelligent ! It varies depending on the app : if there are two updates pending on Cydia, the label will display '2 updates'.
Also, if the app is set so as to not display any badges, Goodges will take that unto account and will not show anything.

Goodges features :
- Label coloring
- Label highlighting
- Label color matching the icon (ColorBadges required)
- Hide badges
- Hide label that doesn't have a notification pending
- Capitalization of the first letter of the label
- Bold label
- Per-app customization

So far, Goodges has been translated in the following languages :
- English (me)
- German (@MarioBritten)
- Spanish (/u/DefinitelyNotPixel)
- French (me)
- Dutch (@Bomans)
- Arabic (@MiRO92)
- Chinese (Simplified, Hong-Kong, Taiwan) @darkj2k
- Italian @danitrap
- Korean (@BamGwanRamCha)

Source code on Github

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Version 1.1.5:
- Added Harbor compatibility.
- Little bug fixes.
Updated March 17, 2017
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