Requires iOS 7 or 8

GuestMode gives you the ability to share your device freely and still protect your privacy. Let the kids play games on your device without worrying about them looking at your messages/calling people. Let your friends control your music, but not snoop through your photos or Safari tabs. You choose exactly which apps are accessible and which ones aren’t.

Multiple ways of enabling GuestMode including:
*Guest button on Lockscreen keypad
*Swipe left on Lockscreen
*Swipe right past passcode on Lockscreen
*Guest Passcode
*Activator gesture at Lockscreen

Provides a fully customizable guest experience that keeps you in charge. Compatible with all devices on iOS 7. Check out the screenshots for an example of some of the features.

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

* Single App Mode is now compatible with iOS 8.
* When the camera is enabled and the photos app is disabled the camera roll is no longer accessible.
* Fixed issue where tapping on icons in the app switcher would allow access to restricted apps.
* Fixed issue where restricted apps could be launched from spotlight search in iOS 8.
* Fixed issue where restricted apps could be launched from a stack using Apex.
* Add option to disable notification when entering guest mode from the home screen.

* Phone Dialer Only and Single Safari Tab are still not working properly, the next update will address these two.
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