Compatible with iOS 4, 5 and 6

*Note: This will not install Siri on your device. To get Siri on an iPhone 4 or 3GS, install Spire. This program will work with Spire or native Siri

Hands-Free Control provides a continuous listening service on your device to activate voice functions, even while asleep. When you speak the keyword "Siri", Siri will be activated without pressing any buttons and then wait for further voice input.

Normally you have to press and hold the home button for several seconds to activate these voice functions, but now with this app these features are completely hands-free! Just speak the keyword! The service also works with headphones and bluetooth headsets.

Selecting your keyword, sensitivity adjustment to the keyword, settings regarding battery efficiency, and more are provided in the Settings app inside "Hands-Free Control." An SBSettings toggle is also provided for quickly and easily switching the service on or off.

Because Hands-Free Control runs continuously in the background noticeable battery usage is to be expected while enabled. For further questions, including battery usage information, please refer to my FAQ on

No icons are added to the home screen. Configure Hands-Free Control options from your Settings app

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Update 4.0
Hands-Free Control is now fully compatible with Evasi0n, the iPhone 5, iPad, and iOS 6! That's right, new hardware now supported includes the iPad Mini, iPad 3, and iPad 4 running iOS 6! This has been a greatly demanded tweak for the iPad for some time, so we are happy to finally bring this to fruition.

Also included:
- All backwards compatibility with previous software and hardware maintained
- Newly compiled optimized audio processing and recognition engine
- Improved recognition and response time
- Multiple bug fixes
- Stability improvements
- Updated credits to include developers

Hands-Free Control is now faster and more stable than ever. Keyword recognition, and Siri activation, is now noticeably faster. Thank you for all your support, emails, tweets, and facebook posts! We look forward to bringing you an ever better product!
Updated February 23, 2013
License Commercial Package
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