iOS 10 Only,

Harp- Feel a nudge when you control the music.

Harp uses different haptic gestures to provide intuitive feedback, read below for an exact layout of current version:

Play/Pause: Strong tap feedback
Previous/Skip Track: Double tap feedback

Volume Scrubber:
- Volume Scrubber Touched: Light tap feedback

- Minimum Volume Set to zero (Muted): No feedback
Max Volume Set: Strong tap feedback

Audio Scrubber:
Scrubbing began: Light tap feedback
Scrubbing ended: Strong tap feedback

CC Now Playing Art/Metadata: Light tap feedback

Compatible with other music tweaks. Respring is not needed to enable/disable. Please consider supporting my work if you hope to see more features/updates, hope you enjoy!

Configure options from Settings.


3.0 Update:

initial support
Harp feedback has been promoted to standard volume feedback
Updated June 7, 2017
License Free Package
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