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• Adds support for iOS 11.
• Fixes a few issues crashing SpringBoard or apps on some devices.

From 1.11.1:
• Fixes a crash on iOS 5.
• Fixes a few visual issues on iOS 5 and 6.
• Fixes package cells not opening Cydia to the package page.
• Updates a few translations.

From 1.11:
• Fixes some crashes on iOS 5 and 6.
• Works around an issue causing "about" pages to be slow to open.
• Updates various translations.

From 1.10:
• Fix a crash when opening settings pages on iOS 6.
• Adds the ability to manually type in a value for sliders – tap the number on the right of the slider.
• Uses the in-app Safari browser for web link buttons.
Updated February 26, 2018
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