Requires iOS 7

Hermes, the lightweight, cross-platform, open source quick reply solution.

Hermes is the only quick reply tweak that supports Messages, Kik, and WhatsApp. Not only can you quickly reply to text messages, you can also quick reply to Kik and WhatsApp messages as well.

Hermes gives you the power of quick reply to your favorite messaging apps without the unnecessary bulk of other quick reply tweaks. Hermes was built to be as lightweight as possible, meaning it has virtually no impact on battery and is as efficient as possible. Unlike other tweaks, Hermes uses iOS’s existing alert system meaning no resources and no battery life is wasted.

Hermes is also open source, meaning anyone and everyone can learn from it and see the code that makes it tick. Hermes’s source code available on Github.

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* Add icon attribution

* Minor bug fixes

* Lay foundation for large update
Updated August 22, 2014
License Commercial Package
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