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Requires iOS 7
Also available, HideMe8 (iOS 8)

HideMe7 Lite is a one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements without the need to have half a dozen different tweaks installed. HideMe7 comes with a new preference panel which makes it easy to quickly disable/re-enable many different UI elements which you may or may not find annoying.

Feature requests welcome.

Included features of HideMe7 include:
-Hide Camera Grabber
-Hide Control Center Grabber
-Hide Date
-Hide Notification Center
-Hide NC Grabber
-Hide Percent Charged Text
-Hide Emergency Call Button
-Hide Chevron
-Hide Chevron & Slide To Unlock
-Custom Slide To Unlock Text

-Hide App Switcher App Icon
-Hide Icon Badges
-Hide Icon Labels
-Hide Icon Labels Except Folders
-Hide Newsstand
-Hide Folder Icon Background
-Hide Open Folder Background
-Enable Fullscreen Folders
-Hide Dock Background
-Disable Location Improved with Wifi Popup
-Disable Icon Jitter
-Hide Page Dots
-Hide Screenshot Flash
-Disable Power Down
-Enable Sticky Banners
-Hide Third Party Apps from Settings

Status Bar
-Activity Icon
-Airplane Icon
-Airplay Icon
-Alarm Icon
-Assistant Icon
-Battery Icon
-Batter Icon & Percent
-Bluetooth Icon
-Bluetooth Battery Icon
-Call Forward
-Data Networks
-Do Not Disturb
-No Service/Searching
-Location Services
-Rotation Icon
-Signal Dots
-Tethering Icon
-Thermal Icon
-VPN Icon
-TTY Icon
-Custom Carrier Text

Control Center
-Hide Airplay Section
-Hide Brightness Section
-Hide Media Controls Section
-Hide Quick Launch Section
-Hide Separator Lines
-Hide Settings Section

-Hide Bubble Tails
-Hide Recipient Name in Convo
-Hide Message Type
-Hide More Messages To Load
-Hide Progress Indicator
-Hide Center Timestamp
-Hide Typing Indicator To Recipient

-Hide Store Button
-Hide Offer Button on Radio Track
-Hide Volume Knob

-Hide Smart Banners

Find me on Twitter @CPDigiDarkroom anytime.

Configure options from Settings.

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This item is now Free.
Updated July 14, 2017
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