HueHueHue is a tweak that quickly toggles the state of Philips Hue lights connected to a bridge. The tweak adds three Activator Actions ("Toggle Lights On/Off", "Turn Lights Off", and "Turn Lights On") and a FlipSwitch to toggle lights. Custom settings include the ability to select which lights are toggled and change the color temperature and brightness.

HueHueHue is fully localized in Spanish, Polish, and Dutch.

For bug reports or feature requests, or to help localize HueHueHue, please use the provided Author link

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Version 2.1 addresses an issue with turning off the lights.
Version 2.0 allows you to choose which lights HueHueHue will toggle in Settings. By default, all connected lights are selected.
If your lights aren't toggling after updating from v1.6 or earlier, please re-pair your bridge in Settings
Updated January 21, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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