Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

iBlacklist is the best firewall for iMessages, calls, facetime, SMS and MMS available for the iDevices.

Now it blocks also FaceTime/iMessages and runs on iPod 4 and iPad 2. It ables you to select from who you want to receive calls and hide messages. It also removes the sms popup preview protecting your privacy, has parental control mode by blocking outgoing calls, can be fully scheduled and many other features. Try it , you'll love it.

Works on any iPhone model running any firmware version !!! PLEASE RESTART YOUR DEVICE AFTER INSTALL. REBOOT IF YOU ARE ON IOS4.

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Fixes crash that leads to missed calls with no alert nor ringtone.

Bug fix for camo icon not changing in 6+ and 6S+ devices
Bug fix for Spotlight still bypassing iBlacklist password protection

Bug fix for messages app not sending/receiving texts that was introduced by version 9.0-1

Fixes all the bugs the 9.0 version introduced to iOS8 users. If you are on iOS8 you can update it now. This version makes it work exactly like the 8.3 version

iOS9 fixes (a bunch of them):
Bug fix for messages app problems
Bug fix for spurious app opening when the icon is hidden
Bug fix for spotlight bypassing password protection when launching iBlacklist from it
Bug fix for Accept and Hangup option lock screen problem
Bug fix for FaceTime (audio and video) leaving multiple records in our history for the same blocked call, as well as it sporadically leaving records in call history and bulletin on lock screen
Bug fix for blocked call records sometimes staying in recents view
Bug fix for crashing app on device registration successful

This package brings iOS9 compatibility.

Now it waits a few seconds to open iBlacklist when you use the Hide Icon option and you type your password in the Mobile Phone app dialer.

Now it reboots (it's required) your phone if you change the app name in Camo.

Everything else is the same as iBlacklist 8.3 and below

Known Issues:

iBlacklist icon badge in Extras is NOT working yet on iOS9

License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Updated November 10, 2015
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