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Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6 and 7

iCaughtU Pro is an enhanced version of iCaughtU. This tweak allows to take a picture with the front camera (if available) when the lock password is entered wrong and sends it to the user with more information like Location and a map.

iCaughtU Pro has also the option to perform remote actions using iMessage or SMS. More than 15 different commands!

Compatible with AndroidLock XT.
Send email using my server or your own email (recommended GMail and Hotmail)
Take Picture with Front Camera when password thief enters wrong passcode or tries to turn off device and send it by email.
Save pictures to Photo Library (useful with PhotoStream).
Set a number of max attempts before taking picture.
Send can also send location and time when sending the email.
Send SMS reporting that the passcode was entered wrong.
Show different Alert messages when passcode is entered wrong or tried to be turned off.

Remote Commands: perform action on the device including taking pictures, reporting location, turning it off or even playing an alarm with an iMessage or SMS.

Fake Mode: allow access to device when password is wrong entered but disable some apps. Now can be set a number of attempts before starting it.
Fake Mode can be configured just to work with your own SIM Card or Any SIM card and when enabled can hide Charging Indicator and Fake Battery percentage.

Configure options from Settings app.

See larger Screenshots below

-Remote Commands not working after last update

-Issues with iMessage
-Test email not being sent
-Settings being deleted
-Settings getting locked when closing and opening again

-Touch ID recognised as wrong attempt (enable in settings)
-Port configuration (see FAQ)
-Emails to send over my server (capacity increased 500%)
-Switches to disable Alarm, Periodic reports and forwarding messages
-Passcode Lock redesign for iOS7

-Mails not sent over some networks
-Clean iCU Pro Folder in iOS7

-New API to work with another tweak (request how to use it)
-Added Macedonian and Rumanian Languages
-Messages are Fixed in iOS7
-Added Switched to Commands Panel
-Fixed mails not sent in some networks
-Added port to configuration,just use HOST:PORT
-Passcode Lock in Settings enabled again

-Fixes Remote Commands on iOS7 nor working
-Fixes Passcode changing and FakeMode Enabled

-Fix passcode not being recognised
-Fix some mails not sent using my server over some Networks
-Minor fixes

-Fixed FakeMode Crash With Switcher
-Fixed mails not being sent from my server
-Fixed Touch ID recognised as FakeMode
-NEW: Spotlight disabled in FakeMode

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