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Compatible with iOS 9, 10, 11 and 12

Iconizer is an all-in-one tweak which gives you full control over the springboard icons.
With Iconizer it is possible to customize your springboard icons appearance without the need to modify any system files. Personalize your device even more by customizing individually every little detail of icons, icon images and even the icon labels.

Iconizer allows you to fine tune:
- Color
- Opacity
- Size
- Rotation
- Position

You can also modify the icons by adding:
- Border
- Glow
- Animations
- Apply Masks
- Apply Filters

You can use one of 10 predefined masks or just add your own custom masks and apply them to the icons.

For each icon, icon image and icon label you can choose from many presets or set your own custom values. You can create themes and share them. There are already 10 ready to use themes included. Profiles allow you to apply themes to icons individually based on specific conditions like badge value. You can also apply themes to just the specific app icons that you want. And if you can’t decide how to customize the icons then just use the random function to randomize the values.
Change the standard iOS style icons to completely custom ones. The only limit is your imagination, take full control and change the boring icons to fancy ones.

Iconizer creates its own cache so all changes are automatically stored in the internal icon cache, this saves battery life and performance and allows too quickly return to the default icons if needed.

Iconizer does NOT require Winterboard or any other Theme software.

Works on all iOS devices with iOS 9.0+.
Configure options from Settings app

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- Added A12 devices support
Updated May 4, 2019
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