Compatible with iOS7, 8, and 8.1

Icon based notification system

All notifications in the Notification Center will scroll underneath the icon for the app that generated them and replacing the name of the app itself!
It also shows the playing song and a Play Badge on the Music app.

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure the activation event from Activator in Settings app, and further options in the donTouch entry in Settings.

Use link below if video crashes.

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#fixed: iOS8 & iOS8.1 compatibility
#fixed: Security bugs

#added: Notification Date Settings
#added: Notification Title Settings
#added: Notification Message Settings
#added: Music Artist Settings
#added: Music Album Settings
#added: Music Title Settings
#added: Music Badge Settings
#fixed: Notification Date Conversion
#fixed: Some bugs

#fixed: Compatibility for iOS7
#fixed: Compatibility for Armv7, Armv7s, Arm64

Updated November 28, 2014
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