Icon Thief is a tool for retrieving the original app icons from an Apple device. It will organize and zip the icons, then attach the zip to an e-mail for easy retrieval without the need to use SSH.

The ZIP file of original icons can then be uploaded to a theme creator to assist them in making new icons that were previously missing from their theme!

  • Collect all icons on an Apple device
  • Collect only missing icons from a specific theme
  • Automatically organize icons into “Bundle ID” folders
  • Automatically organize icons into an “Icons” folder naming each icon after their display name
  • Revert optimized icons back to viewable PNG files
  • Collect iTunes artwork images for all iTunes apps
  • Attach the ZIP file to an e-mail for easy retrieval
  • Options for e-mailing and deleting the previous ZIP file without the need to re-run the app

The generated ZIP file is saved in the devices Documents folder. The exact location can be found in the "About" page in the app and will update dynamically for each device or IOS version. This is useful should there be a need to SSH into the device to get the ZIP file manually.

See the Screenshots below!

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- Fixed 'revert optimized icons' decode errors on larger PNG files
- Added support for ipad HD icons
- Added support for ipad HD small icons
- Added support for ipad HD newstand and FolderBG icons
Updated May 24, 2012
License Free Package
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