News about ios7 jailbreak

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Compatible with iOS 5, 6 and 7
Supports iPhone, iPod, iPad

Triple-click app icon to Launch the tools when icon is jittering.
Current Tools List:
1. Open in iFile
2. Clear App Badge
3. Launch App
4. Delete App
5. Clear App Caches
6. Backup App Data
7. Restore App Data(like Time Machine)

I'll add more tools.

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

Bug fix

Add three function.
1. Remove IPA's All User Data. (restore to new installed status)
2. Rebuild All Icon. (If you found any icon is missing)
3. StatusBar Fix(iOS7 only).
Since some people encountered app's status bar abnormal on iOS 7 jailbroken device. You can use IconTool's statusbar fix.

Add greek and Korean localization.
If you want to help improve the localization, please contact me.

1。删除IPA的所有用户数据。 (恢复到新安装的状态)
2。全部重建图标。 (如果你发现有桌面图标丢失的情况)

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