iDitDahText is a keyboard alternative for the iPhone and iPod touch that allows you to enter characters by tapping their Morse code. The interface is a dual lever touch paddle (which also can be used as single lever paddle), coupled to an iambic keyer and decoder.

Please watch the video on youtube for details along with a demonstration of text being entered at 50 WPM.

iDitDahText also provides a plugin for a game called Typing Sebastian: a simple, fun way to learn how to use Morse code with iDitDahText. Again, See the video on youtube and FAQ for more details.

Many thanks go to the folks on and, in particular : august, BigBoss, Cobra, copumpkin, DHowett, erica, francis, go2, linuxh, Optimo, phoenix3200, Sakurina, and saurik.

SBSettings is required to use this package

More Information

    v 1.9
  • Plugin for Typing Sebastian always gets loaded regardless of whether or not iDDT is enabled
    v 1.8
  • Fixed reboot issue on devices running 4.3.x
  • Since iDDT won't work in mobilesafari on devices running >= 4.x, it will no longer attempt to load in mobilesafari on those OSes
    v 1.7
  • Updated hook for latest Typing Sebastian update.
  • Two small new features. Vertical swipe in dit panel erases character. Vertical swipe in dah panel adds space
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Updated May 12, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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