iOS 8.0 Update Warning

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Requires iOS7

One of the worst feelings we associate with our devices is fear, the fear of losing our iDevices and the chance of never recovering it back. When we lock our devices down with passcodes we do this because we value our privacy. When we lose our device we don't want them rummaging through our contacts/photos/etc to find out who the device belongs to.

IfFound adds a convenient button on the LockScreen which makes it easy for someone who's found your device to find out the best way to contact and return your iDevice back to you

Compatible with other popular LS tweak such as JellyLock7, Forecast, SubtleLock and IntelliscreenX

Localized in Chinese, Danish, Dutch, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Configure options from Settings.

See larger Screenshots below..

Redid the way buttons are positioned, uses percentage of screen instead of exact pixel count.
Add options to control the font size for each individual text element on detailed alert.
Added option to change color of detailed alert.
Added border options and border color for detailed alert.

Added previews to the settings pages. Quickly view your changes without having to use the LockScreen button.

Added more options for button styles.

Further improvements to compatibility with third-party LS tweaks.

Fixed custom button not working right in passcode view.

Improved compatibility with JellyLock7 & Forecast
Fixed custom button triggering wrong alert & not showing up in passcode page.

Added more options to the custom button
Made it easier to email me directly from the settings app for support
Minor bug fixes

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