For iOS 6, 7, 8 and 9. iPhones and iPads.

InstaLauncher lets you access ANY app in less than 500 milliseconds. With an activator action of your choice you can bring up a launcher with every app (and more) you have installed listed in alphabetical order. It will also show you recently started apps and a number of favourites that you can choose.

- Access any app almost instantly
- Activator integration
- Shows recently opened apps
- Favourites, unlimited in numbers
- Add or remove apps
- Add or remove the panels (recent apps / favourites)
- Adapts to your current hand (left/right) (See video)
- Works on iPhone and iPad

Configure options from Settings

See video and screenshots for a brief demonstration

See video and screenshots for a brief demonstration

See options in Screenshots below..

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- Add option to animate IL in when activated
- Add option to use light version of blur (iOS 8+)
- Add option to use legacy blur (WARNING: Leaks memory)

- Fix memory issues some people experienced.
- Fix all orientations issues on all supported devices. Tested on iOS 7,8,9 with iPad 2/Air and iPhone 4/5s/5s + various others through beta testers.
- Fix close button sometimes disappearing.
- Added persistent “Recent” panel.
- Added native iOS+ blurred background (Unsupported on older devices like iPad 2). Older devices/OSs gets a static gray translucent background.

Updated August 29, 2016
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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