Requires iOS 7.

Bring iOS 8-like message notification interaction to your iOS 7.X.X (even 7.1.1) device.

Configure options from Settings.

If you use SmartClose, be sure to add any app you want to be able to quickly reply to (or compose with) to its whitelist


Added quick reply support for the notification centre

Added quick reply for Facebook Messenger

• Added quick compose for LINE
• Added message sent sound for LINE
• LINE doesn't have to be open in the background anymore to reply
• Text message content will now be shown when the banner is extended even if message previews are disabled
• Fixed banner height not properly adjusting if message is made up of multiple lines

Added quick compose for kik
Fixed a problem with SpringBoard sometimes lagging
Fixed WhatsApp messages not getting marked read
Fixed WhatsApp message sent sound not getting played (might play 2-3 times now)
Fixed SpringBoard failing to load if there was a non-message notification on the lock screen, triggering a crash into safe mode
Some more bug fixes

Updated October 14, 2014
License Commercial Package
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