Compatible with iOS 11.

Displays the IP addresses of your device in the Control Center.

Only the actual addresses of the device are shown, no requests to the internet are made for resolving any "public" IPv4 addresses.
- IPv4 and IPv6.
- Cellular, WiFi, VPN (and everything else)
- Tapping any address copies it to the pasteboard.
- The data gets refreshed automatically.

Add the toggle to the Control Center from Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls.

You can choose "IP addresses" which is a 3x1 sized module and shows your main addresses, 3D/long-pressing on it reveals IPv6 and all addresses. If your CC doesn't have room for a 3x1 sized module, choose the "IP button" (1x1 size), which you need to tap in order to see your IP addresses.

I have not tested this on 5S/SE/iPads, so please report any possible issues to me (ie. I don't know what it looks like on these screen sizes).

blanxd on Reddit
Source code available on Gitlab


* Fixed a crash related to Airplane mode and using the 3x1 module.

* 11.0 - 11.3.1 support
* Fixed a crash when expanding too fast after copying an address from the 3x1 sized module
Updated July 10, 2018
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