iWii is a wii simulator app. this app has some of the muu channel and full photos, internet, and more. you can even add the systems name!!

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    v 2.1
  • added the shake menu
  • huge improvement to the audio and the controlement of audio
  • for devices supporting a vibrate motor theres vibration
  • settings that are clickable have a real button now
  • settings in the settings channel fixing a nsuserdefaults problem with fake "connecting"(NOTE! the fake connection is only inside of the wii disc channel so far next update will fix so please dont email saying its missing because its not included into other slides as im trying to fix it without the settings fixing it)
  • (NOTE2! IF your device has a vibrate motor MAKE SURE that the vibrate settings in settings.app is on for silent or when ur ringers on or it wont vibrate)
  • added a quick go home button
  • fixed memory problems
  • added new and better landscape for some channels
    v 2.0
  • added option to have a black wii and it saves the option so your favorite color always opens
  • for white wii real images off the wii system.
  • fixed a couple landscape issues
  • added a the wii systems loading image to the web so youll know when the page is fully loaded
  • added the real nintendo wii update animation to the fake update page and to the fake format page
  • added retina display(white wii)
  • added better non retina images for white wii(off the wiis system)
  • added a photo to mail to make it look like a real message
Updated April 28, 2011
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