Requires iOS 7

JellyLock is a lock screen app launcher, that is super convenient to use. Drag a grabber to your favorite application to launch it without unlocking your device first.

Assign up to 5 shortcuts, that optionally display badges counting missed notifications. It features an option, allowing you to access your favorite apps without the need to enter your pass code. You can also change the circle size, color and alpha in Settings.

JellyLock7 supports all iPhones and iPads running iOS 7.0.x.

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- fixed theme support: JellyLock should now apply all Wintboard themes correctly
- fixed cut off blur when changing the circle size
- added support for JellyLock themes (theming apps only in JellyLock)
- added option to replace Camera with an app shortcut
- added option to disable grabber fading (Notification List, Album Art)
- added 'Low Opacity Grabber' option that makes the grabber as invisible as possible when you don't touch it
- added option to select which apps are passcode protected
- added option to change the vertical position of the grabber
- added button to reset settings
Updated March 15, 2014
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