Requires iOS 5 and Siri capability

Ask Siri "show me a picture of something" and it'll complete the request via

Request like that:
* English: Show me a picture of < something >
* French: Montrez moi < quelque chose >
* German: Zeig mir < etwas >
* Russian: Покажи мне < что-нибудь >

* Show me a picture of iOS
* Montrez moi omelette au fromage
* Zeig mir eine katze
* Покажи мне Харухи

Please note that I don't speak German nor French, so feel free to email corrections and i'll fix it when I will be able to. Thanks.

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Should fix French recognition

* German: corrected "Zeig mir ... " => "Zeige mir ..." as Siri cannot understand "Zeig mir"
Sample command: "Zeige mir eine katze"

* French: corrected "montrez moi" => "montrez-moi"

Sample: "montrez-moi omelette au fromage"

Email corrections if something is wrong in your language support

Added languages: German, French, Russian (Experimental for mod)
Thanks to @isbf97 and @AlsaLisa for German/French translations

Updated May 2, 2012
License Free Package
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