Requires iOS 4.0 or higher
Requires standard Messages app

Keep Text New describes itself! Save any text message you get as new.

Have you ever been intensely playing a game and a text message alert interrupts you at the worst moment, so you hit the 'close' button to get back to your game? Then you completely forget about the text you received because you hit 'close' and the text is marked as you read it and the badge on the Messages app will disappear.

With this tweak you will no longer have this problem! Keep Text New does exactly what it sounds like, keeps any text message you want as new. Its very simple: when you get a text message alert there will be 2 little KTN icons on the top left and right of the alert, you just click one of the buttons to keep your text message as new, then hit 'close' to remove the alert.

So when you go back to your springboard you will notices the little notification badge reminding you of that message so you don't forget about it.

This will work on iPhones (or other text message capable iDevices (using the Messages app only)) on iOS 4.x

Please check out screenshots below!

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Updated February 14, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.25
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