Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

This package based "KillBackground" by Mr.Mathieu Bolard (mattlawer).

A simple but useful tweak to kill all background apps. Adds special buttons to the AppSwitcher view.

- Option -

Auto Close Switcher: Will close the switcher after execution.
Button on the left: Will place the button to the left.
Big Buttons: Will place a large button to the left and right.

Kill Music: Music will terminate the application even during playback.
Exclude apps: The selected application can not kill.

Use Legacy button: Use the previous icon.

URL scheme at the end: If run the button long press, Run the URL scheme at the end.
(ex. Memory cleaner app)

Activator: If you using the Activate Switcher of Activator, please change it.

Configure options from Settings app.

See larger Screenshots below..

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Add: "Hide buttons" Option
Add: The Flipswitch allow run in lock screen
(passcode lock when not allowed)
Updated April 26, 2015
License Free Package
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