What is Konect?
Konect is a Bluetooth-enabled app that turns your iPhone into a dual sim phone and gives your iPad and iPod mobile phone functionality.

*Uses your old phone's SIM card to make and receive phone calls from. It also uses it's 3G service to transmit data. Note: The phone you connect to will be charged for all calls made.

*With Apple iOS devices, you can get access to data communication, such as chat, email, Internet, etc.
This feature has not implemented in iPhone5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2.

*Once the Konect App is installed on your iOS device, you can control another other phone with it. The other phone acts as a SIM and 3G slave device.

*The Konect works with any mobile phone that supports Bluetooth HFP, even old Nokia feature phones.

*Konect will connect to any Bluetooth PAN supported phone via Bluetooth Tethering. This allows you to have data access to your other phone when you don't have a 3G connection on your iOS devices.
This feature depend on the Bluetooth PAN is supported or not on your old phone.

*Konect is environmentally-friendly because it gives your old phone a new life. No need to discard your old phones anymore.

Konect helps support the environment in the reduction of E-Waste. Get Konect today!

You don't need to buy the activation code unless you want to unlock all the features in the Konect app. In fact, most of the app features are free to use, but only one is locked. That feature is the one that allows you to be heard when you are making or receiving calls.

Go to the "More" page in the konect app, open the Bluetooth switch (When the switch is OFF, it means the iOS Bluetooth service is launched. When it is ON, it means konect Bluetooth service is launched). Then you can search your iOS device for device named "konect" on your old phone. Then you must connect it using the PIN code: 0000

OS version required:
iOS6 iOS7
Compatibility List:
iPod Touch 4/5
iPhone 4/4s/5/5c/5s
iPad 1/2/3/4/air
iPad mini 1/2

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Fixes missing some digitals when call from contacts

Fixes call waiting tone was missing in some situations.

Updated February 21, 2014
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