Compatible with iOS 10.

Lace allows you to control Notification Center with ease. It comes with the following features:

Hide Search:
Not a fan of the new search in iOS 10 and thinking it just takes up space? Hide it and be done with it.

Change While Dragging:
The ability to make the current page coincides with the position of your finger. If you start swiping from the left side of the Status Bar and moving your finger to the right, it will change from the Today view to the Notification view.

You can choose to display the Notification view if and only if any notifications are present, and otherwise go directly to the Today view.

Default section:
Choose to always show the Today view or the Notification view.

Chevron Icon:
Override the default behavior of the chevron icon by having it show the one pointing upwards, downwards or being a straight line.

Please consider donating if you appreciate Lace. Any donations will fund the repairing of my development devices.

Source code available at GitHub.


Support for NCLink10. Credits to HiDaN4 for the pull request.
Updated July 17, 2017
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