A common library for activation of apps and plugins

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    v 1.4.2.
  • Fix Single Press Home button at lock screen
  • Add Donate button (disables advertising when pressed; even if you don't donate)
  • Updated Italian localization courtesy of Sagitt
  • Fix slide gestures at startup
  • Fix slide in gestures being sent repeatedly
  • Disable double-tap lock events entirely when no action is assigned
  • Add Retina Display graphics
  • Fix launching Apple's multitasking switcher via certain activation methods Show all icons in Apple's multitasking switcher
  • Fix Volume tap gesture window getting stuck in rare circumstances
  • Ignore all events inside Cydia (to prevent using an extension while it is being updated/uninstalled)
  • Fix shake events on iOS4.0
  • Fix double-tap lock button event on iOS4.0
  • Make lock button double tap behave more like the standard behaviour
  • Allow actions to receive raw events
  • Hide ads when exiting settings
    v 1.4.0
  • Support for Headset buttons
  • Support for iOS4.0
  • Support for Apple's switcher
  • Support for SBSettings toggles
  • Optimized settings pane
  • Updated localizations
  • Fix double-height status bar incompatibility
  • Hide iPod button when locked (security hole)
  • Avoid the sandbox entirely
  • Settings pane API for BigBoss
  • Speedup process launch slightly
  • Improved respiring time
  • Reduced memory use
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