Compatible with iOS 10 - 12

A simple to use and easy on the eyes color picker for use in PreferenceLoader preference bundles. Supports iOS 9 & 10, other iOS versions have not been tested.

if you're interested in using this in your own project, check out PullToClear's source on Github. full documentation will be added soon.

Note to developers:
libCSColorPicker v1.0 has been released. in this release the API has been reworked to resolve conflicts with other projects, the legacy API has been officially marked depreciated and should not be used in new/updated projects. Legacy API will remain operational for now to ensure no projects are broken with this update. Please Download the new project resources for theos and update your projects.


Version 1.0 (April 10, 2019)
- Updated API to v1 and depreciated legacy API (Developers should update to v1 api for all new/updated projects)
- Minor refactoring of color/gradient cells
- Optimized color sliders to be more efficient and not require as many display updates
- Added more accurate brightness, saturation, and alpha slider gradient generation (the way it should have always been).
- Increased legibility of labels and elements throughout the entire color picker
- Added subtle, yet pleasing animations for all transitions
- Improved compatibility with eclipse for increased legibility
- Rewrote layout constraints, its now a lot more efficient during rotation and lighter on the layout engine
- Improved layout detection for notched devices

- Fixed alpha slider being disabled by default, i forgot i designed it to be on by default
- Added built in Gradient Builder for building dynamic gradients in a stylish way
- Added CSGradientDisplayCell for displaying gradient previews
- Added `NSString gradientStringCGColors`, and `NSString gradientStringColors` for getting an array of UIColors, or CGColors from a gradient array string
- Fixed issue in with failsafe color in CSColorDisplayCell that could result in no color being displayed
- Fixed issue where alpha slider would always appear even when disabled
- Compiled with `arm64e` slice for A12 device support

- Fixed issue where colors would be saved to the plist using the wrong key, this would result in colors resetting themselves.
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Updated April 10, 2019
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