For many websites, there is an accompanying app available from the App Store, which provides a better experience than their mobile website. Some have a button that lets you jump to the same place in their app, however there are others that don’t have this feature.

With LinkOpener, you can now tap a link for a variety of websites, and be taken to the app immediately.

Supported services are:

• profiles (supports Netbot)
• Cydia package details
• translations
• eBay listings and searches
• Facebook profiles
• file:// URLs (supports iFile and Filza)
• GitHub (supports iOctocat)
• IMDb details pages
• Instagram images/videos, profiles, and hashtags
• Reddit subreddits and threads (supports Alien Blue)
• Tumblr blogs and posts
• Twitter profiles and Tweets (supports Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and Twitter, in that order)
• Vine profiles and videos
• Yelp listings, check-ins, and searches

If you have a suggestion, you can email us by tapping the "Author" button above.

No icons are added to the home screen. There are no screenshots.

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• Adds a settings page (found under the Opener settings page) to enable or disable individual features of LinkOpener.
• Adds support for, iFile/Filza (file:// URLs), Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, and Yelp links, as well as eBay searches.
• Fixes an issue causing Reddit threads to not open.

• Fixes an issue that causes a crash when injecting a tweak into a 32-bit app (such as Cydia) on iPhone 6s.
• Fixes support for recent releases of Alien Blue.

Updated November 8, 2015
License Free Package
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