Launch apps fast! A full application launcher inside of Spotlight!

This tweak is compatible with iOS 7.x.x and uses the applist library by @rpetrich.

Using iOS 8? Try Searchlight

There are three categories for ListLauncher7: 'Recent', 'Favorites', and the classic 'Application List'.
Recent: Never go to the app switcher again! Show the most recently launched applications.
Favorites: Put your favorite apps at the top for easy access!
Application List: Display all the applications on your phone, with alphabetized indexing!

It is highly suggested to combine ListLauncher7 with AnySpot, the best tweak for system-wide Spotlight

ListLauncher7 is compatible with Smart Search, SearchLoader, and other Spotlight tweaks. A full list of Spotlight tweaks are listed in ListLauncher7's settings.

ListLauncher7 comes with easy-to-use settings thanks to preferenceloader by @DHowett.

For developers, or people wanting to learn how to make tweaks, the code for ListLauncher7 is available on Github. Pull requests are welcomed.

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Fixed conflict with Powerleft
Updated January 21, 2015
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